Friday, 24 March 2017

Filetting My Fish

It is not common in Malaysia to filet your fish. Malaysians usually cook their fish wholly for small and average sized fish like sardines, or in large chunks together with the bones and heads like sea basses. Since I have a toddler, I found out it is easier to filet my fish to avoid her choking from the small fish bones. It is a very tedious job, as if I don't have anything else to do, but for the love of that fish lover lass, I filet the fish most of the time.

So, one day I decided to just fried some average sized mackerels for lunch. And as it was almost 1 o'clock, I thought maybe I'll just filet one fish for my daughter and fry the rest wholly. That'll save looooooooooottttttss of time and perhaps lunch will be ready by the time my husband come home from his work.

And lunch was served, yada yada and I put the filetted fish onto my daughter's plate. She munched a bit, put it back onto her plate, and reached for the wholly-fried fish and finished one. I was like, 'I spent my time and energy to filet that ONE fish for you, and this what you do to me?' And now I realised pain I did to my mom by not eating her cooking for several times because of the time rush, and a few times because she cooked food I don't eat (that can cause me ill). Sorry Mak...and not sorry.

Moral of the story, cook the same food; your food and your kid's food or you'll fall into frustration as I did. And always make a sambal to the side to spice up the food without having to cook twice.

This is one of the dilemmas of a mother with a toddler.

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