Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blog; does it still relevant?

So, I've been blogging for more than 10 years, on and off. During early years of my blog, most people don't have easy access to internet thus not many people read my blog. Moreover if you write in Malay. After few years, internet was a big hit and many people started to blog and read blogs. But now, people rely more on social media and blog is something ancient. A few early social media platforms also have vanished; my space, friendster and multiply to name a few. I also remembered imeem (if I'm not mistaken), a web that I used to stream songs, mostly rock and metal songs.

Internet used to be dialed. You disconnect your home telephone line and connect it to your bulky computer, dial and wait. The speed was quite okay, since it wasn't the day where you have to hurry on everything. I remembered the first thing I do online; searching for information on Neil Bohr, using MSN. My English was really bad during that period (it is still bad now though). I was just learnt about him during my chemistry lesson, so I thought, why not find out more about him. I was foolish and too ambitious; I don't understand a thing and quite disappointed actually.

But now, everything is just at the tip of your fingers. And everything should be fast, lightning fast. Many people rely on likes, retweets, shares, followers and all. More people is shopping online (oh how I miss ASDA). Our working hours have been extended unofficially because of data needs to be uploaded in systems that are not jammed only at 3 in the morning, or tasks given just before bedtime via whatsapp and need to be handed out first thing in the morning. And surprisingly, I managed to write entry while nursing my baby to bed. The power of technology, eh?

Back to the title of the entry, is blog still relevant? In my opinion, no. I've seen many people who can read but still remain unliterate, because they can't understand the message given in what they have read. Many people tend to judge, causing learning through reading difficult to achieve. Even writings by those who are qualified such as doctors and scholars are criticised by readers, but sellers selling bogus products are believed more.

I just want to conclude, owning such a good phone and speedy internet does not meant you own the world. The other side that is reading things that you write has feelings too. Back in the days, people think before they write. But now, we write faster than we speak, and faster than we think. Each blog entry is evidently written for days before it is posted, as writers tend to refine their writing before it goes online. So, I believe such an adult as we are, we should be responsible on what we write as we do when we speak.

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