Monday, 2 January 2012

My Third Year....

Hoho...third year? I feel just like yesterday I got into this Maktab, struggling to fit myself in it and doing things I don't really put my mind into. Sometimes, well, almost of the time, I find myself not really learning but more to copying, do things that pleases the authority, and pass exams. So, I think a good 'new year resolution' for this year is to really learn what I suppose to learn. Yeah, I should must kick away all the laziness and get serious. I did when I was in my first semester, but when I started to loose up a bit in my second semester, I did a bit well in my marks. Seems not fair, eh?

Satisfaction in knowing new things is nowhere to be found, today. There are too many people I want to blame, but the first one is me.

Enough about that. Tomorrow I will going back to Maktab. I hate it. If I got any chance of living outside, I will definitely grab that chance. Thus, I am hoping this year will be my last year living inside. I can't stand any foolishness anymore.