Friday, 10 June 2016

First Week of Ramadhan 2016

This first week is not the easiest, maybe the worst I ever had in my life. 8 weeks pregnant, a toddler, and nauseous most of the time, I hope I'm never pregnant. What a thought! I know, it's wrong to blame others of the bad things that happen to you. But that's what I feel, and I wish I don't.

So, I spent 2 weeks in my mom's house. She helped me a lot in taking care of my daughter, and I didn't do almost anything because I really don't have much energy to do anything. I cannot eat much because of morning sickness, plus fasting, breastfeeding-I'm totally out of energy by 5pm,everyday. And now I have to depend on pills to avoid me from vomitting.

When I think back, I whine a lot. At times, people cannot really keep quite of what they have to face each day. At times, people need to talk about the pain they feel, so the stress can be released and they can go on with life.
Yes, I whine a lot.